Smaller to-do list

My big list-o-tasks is getting smaller after this weekend, with much thanks to P for helping out.  Mostly this is house stuff but my citizenship process with EU Country X is moving along now.

First the house.  P came up for an extended weekend and worked on the house while I was at the office.  He did this even after I tried to be the black widower the prior weekend.  He managed to take down the nasty paneling in the back of the kitchen so we can prepare those surfaces for drywall and to put up the partition wall that will make that space into a new office/bedroom.   After that he then proceeded to pressure wash the exterior and then started scraping and cleaning the trim so it can be painted.  He’s a great guy for doing all that for me.  *swoon*

Second, I received word from my mother that the State of California has finally gotten off it’s ass and processed the amendment to my ancestors death certificate.  I needed this so his date of birth would match his EU Country X birth certificate.  It appears my collection of documents is finally finished and the next step is to translate them (not required until 2 months ago) and get them apostilled by California and I can go to the consulate for my appointment.  Now lets see if I can actually get the appointment.  I’m just glad to have all this stuff done.  Hopefully I’ll have a passport by next spring.

Things are finally moving along quite nicely… yes they are!


One Response to “Smaller to-do list”

  1. The year’s at the Autumn and the day’s at the morn; Mornings at seven; The hillside’s dew-pearled; P’s on the wing; The snails on the thorn: Cq is in heaven–All’s right with the World!
    (my apologies to Robert Browning)

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