Speed Racington

That was my name tonight.  Today our evening activity was to take our meeting guests to the local go-kart track.  This particular facility is indoors so it was climate controlled.  A good time was had by all, especially me since I came in second place out of the entire group.

I know, second place = first loser in the cynical world, but I was competing against a group of people, that by their very nature, are highly competitive.  The person that beat me?  Our guest from France.  This means I outperformed everybody else in my office, my boss, and the domestic based staff of the company I work for.   TQE will tell you I’m a shy guy, so going up against these aggressive and highly competitive people and *winning* makes me feel damn good.

It was my very own way of metaphorically giving them “the bird” for all the garbage I have to put up with all year long.

Yay me!


6 Responses to “Speed Racington”

  1. Congratulations…

    But I doubt you want that nickname for every aspect of life.

  2. Yeah not so good for a lover like yourself to be known as a done in 60 seconds type guy.

  3. TQE – You’re probably right. Some things *are* better done slowly and with more intensity. 🙂

  4. disenchanted Says:

    Oh. My. {Covers eyes} I don’t want to think about other aspects of speed racerism. That could be bad … as bad as used undies.

  5. ayayayay! you! 🙂 you show em who is the most awesome 🙂

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