Escape from New York

The past couple of days I’ve been on business in New York.  Overall this was a less than productive trip and I’m quite frustrated.  In addition to being blown off by one of my vendors (I guess representing 60% of my category isn’t good enough to warrant a brief conversation), I felt like I was escaping from New York during my trip home.

Let’s just say that right now I have now have a different airline in my cross-hairs for the “I hate you, figure out it’s about the customers you stupid idiots!” award.  The current airline?  US Airways.

The trip home started out bad and got worse from there.  I purchased a 1-way subway ticket so I could travel from Union Square to Grand Central Terminal so I could catch the bus to LaGuardia airport.  I swiped my metrocard and began to move through the turnstile, and it locked.  I swiped the card again and the display on the turnstile said, “Ticket not valid for transfer.”  WTF?  I paid and I couldn’t get into the subway.  Fortunately a local swiped his card and let me in.  Whoever you were, I said thank you as you walked away but I’ll say it again… Thank you.

I got to Grand Central and got on the bus.  I made it to the airport in time to catch the earlier flight to Conservative Hell.  The plane was not full and the gate agent said they could accomodate me.   I’m thinking this is going to be great, I’ll get home an hour and a half earlier. 

After keying in my information the agent said, “I need a credit card so I can collect the $25 stand by fee…”  I knew my company would not re-imburse me for this, so I declined and waited the hour for my flight.  Bad customer service I think.

While waiting for my scheduled flight, we were informed that the lavatory on the plane was not working and we should use the in-airport restroom before boarding our flight.  OK, not a problem.  After finishing up that task we boarded and pushed back from the gate.

The pilot started the engine, then shut it off.  He started the engine again, shut it off.  Thinking the third time was a charm he started it again, then informed us that we would be returning to the gate and getting off the plane.  *ugh*

We then proceeded to sit in the terminal for another hour with periodic updates about the issue.  Finally, they figured out the plane was going nowhere and re-booked us onto a competing airline. 

Had I taken the earlier flight I would have arrived home at 4:30 PM, instead I got home at 11:30.  The irony is that in the greed US Airways is exhibiting by charging for and no longer extending the courtesy of allowing early arriving passengers to fly on the previous flight if there is room, they likely had to pay *more* to re-book me on Delta to come back to Conservative Hell.  Justice served on that one, I think.

Sadly, I left Manhattan at 2:00 in the afternoon and arrived home at 11:30.  It took me nine and a half hours to get back to Conservative Hell.  To which I say to the airline… it took you about 30 minutes less time to get me to my destination than it would have taken for me to DRIVE to my destination from New York.  When it gets to a point that your passengers can drive to their destination as quickly as you can fly them there, it makes no sense for them to fly. 

Bad customer service there Doug Parker!


5 Responses to “Escape from New York”

  1. Next time rent a car and enjoy the scenery. Of course with the price of Gasoline you’ll need to be reimbursed by your company. Have P to take time of and see how much better NYC looks from a couples point of view. I’m a hopeless romantic.

  2. …take time OFF I can never get both f’s to work on the old keyboard with out hitting it very hard. I see you edited your last Blogpost. You’re welcome. I just thought it strange that you used P every time but one. It is an easy mistake to make because your mind is thinking his name and your fingers are typing his initial.

  3. poor CQ. And bad USAir, but I think their policies are pretty standard now, unless you have status on the airlines.

  4. I paid full walk-up fare for my tickets due to the brief notice of my trip. In other words, I wasn’t an el-cheapo ticket for them. I think they should have made the accomodation in this case. *shrugs*

    By getting greedy and not accomodating me, this likely cost them… I’m speculating more than $25, to re-book me with Delta. On top of it, I got 750 SkyMiles on Delta for this one-way trip… I should have received nothing. So far this year my total for unearned miles is about 7,000.

  5. New York gets really ugly really quickly if you run out of money to throw at problems(people).
    It’s one of those spots on the globe that I avoid assiduously.

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