The unexpected bills just keep a comin’

Ok, now I got another nearly $300 bill for past due property taxes on a car I don’t own. I received the from the lease company I was leasing the car from today. Seems that every time I get an unexpected bill, it’s $300. Odd. I’ve only managed to rack-up four of them so far this summer.

Near as I can figure, the lease company is trying to retreive back taxes for the state of Conservative Hell for the period that I lived in the Commonwealth of Conservative Morons. So… I believe I owe them nothing. I paid property taxes on this vehicle to another locality because that is 1. Where the vehicle was garaged, and 2. where I was living at the time.

Know what? I’m ignoring this f-ing bill. I paid these taxes already. A $271 “debt” isn’t going to wreck my credit rating enough to worry about, and the state isn’t coming after me since the lease company erroneously paid the taxes. Know what? The lease company wants to recoup that money they can go get it from the state themselves.

They have it in their records that I was garaged the car and lived in the other state.  They should be smart enough to put 2+2 together.

Enough is enough.


4 Responses to “The unexpected bills just keep a comin’”

  1. It is Conservative Hell in your state if you have to pay property taxes on a car. If I read that right which is doubtful, you are supposed to pay taxes on a car you were ony leasing? That is Bullshit, it is not your property if you lease it instead of buying it. You can tell them I said so!

  2. I paid taxes on the leased car per the lease agreement. IE I pay the property tax on the car I’m driving. In Conservative Hell, they send the bill to the actual owner and in the Commonwealth of Conservative Morons (CCM) they send it to the registered owner. Basically the bill gets sent differently because of the different state laws regulating this.

    I went down to the tax department today and *surprise* it isn’t Conservative Hell doing this, it is coming from somewhere else. I sent an e-mail to my ex up in the CCM and asked him if car taxes are paid looking backward or forward. IE do you pay the taxes for a previous time period or are they paid in advance? If it is in advance, like it is in Conservative Hell, then I owe nothing as I’ve paid all the taxes due. But I have to find this out and the lease company simply sent a bill *without* any itemization. Put another way, it is a pay up or else notice.

    Since they threatened me, “…we offered to settle this with you previously” (no, they didn’t) I don’t feel any particular hurry to get it cleared-up. If they send it to collections they will never see a dime.

    If they want me to pay up, they darn well better send me an itemized bill so I can figure it out. I’m not avoiding taxes but I’m sure not paying taxes I don’t owe – If it is the CCM wanting money, then I’m likely being taxed twice for the same car in two different places during the same time period. Or put another way, I’m like the residents of Washington, DC and am getting taxed without representation.

  3. Put another way your like a blond haired 18 year old boy thrown into Cell block A.

  4. ugh 300 isn’t your lucky number. unless you’re talking about the movie 300 and gerry butler being naked…yums

    i hate bills. they blow. it’s one thing to expect them…and another if they just randomly show up with no details other than “pay me now bitch”. *sigh*

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