Bees and pictures and lists, oh my!

P was in for a visit this weekend and we had a good time. That is, we had a good time even though we spent 4 hours yesterday in the big blue hardware store pricing out everything we estimated I need to finish the house remodel. It appears that we both *really* want to get out of Conservative Hell.

So yesterday morning we created a list. And it is a long-ass list. I’m going to be scared once P has entered it all into a spreadsheet and we see what the grand total is.

We also stopped by the local factory outlet mall. I had not been there in about a year or so (it’s in the next town to the east) and they finally started to remodel it. For the past 5 years or so, it was one of those places that had these factory outlet stores in it, but you kind of felt grimy while walking about the complex. It seems that the owners of this place finally figured out that a quick paving job on the parking lots and streets, a repaint of the buildings, and a bit of gingerbreading on the buildings might make the place look semi-respectable again. I think they are doing a good job.

While there I engaged in the continued updating of my wardrobe. Since I purchased the crap shack, I have not really spent much on clothing. So I purchased a new pair of work shoes. I also purchased four pairs of underwear and they are not previously owned/loved/used unlike those undergarments TQE likes to shop for.

Before departing for bargainland, P noticed I had a nest of bees up under the eaves of the crap shack. After waking from a rather nice dream where I ravaged P with my animalistic lust, I heard some sort of noise that sounded like it was in the wall. Apparently it was the mutant bees from Hell. So we bought some bee killer at the big blue hardware store. After dousing them with the *entire* can, they were still there. Oddly, the water hose and spray nozzle on the most forceful setting did a better job. They are gone now, as is P – he had to go back to Civil War Starter State.

Before he left we did manage to hang three of my pieces of artwork. Gee, I’ve been here two years and these are the first items I have hung on the wall. At this rate, the place will be decorated by August 2023.

OK folks, I’m out of here for now. I’m in the mode of getting ready for the annual meeting at work, so I may not be around much the next couple of weeks. Keep the light on for me, ok?


4 Responses to “Bees and pictures and lists, oh my!”

  1. Sounds like you and P are a couple. Shopping and buying underwear. It makes living in conservative hell a bit easier, no? Some of us will miss you while you’re gone so try to keep in touch CQ. Your picture is still on my wall watching me as I type. Oh and uh we’ll keep the light on for you!

  2. My picture on your wall? Surely you jest…

  3. disenchanted Says:

    It must have been a buggy day. Today, I went out Sally and when I put my hand into door handle, I knocked a praying mantis to the ground. Then, while I was getting a diet coke at the Golden Arches, a sweat bee flew through my window. If that wasn’t enough, the chick at the drive thru thought I was nuts — I had a squeal fit over this huge ass spider that was crawling across the dashboard. Ewh!

  4. Ugh, bugs! I’m getting this image of you in the role of Mr. Rooney in the Bueller’s kitchen at the end of Ferris Bueller, when Ferris’ sister catches him in the house. Only this time the kitchen is Sally, and the odd events are the bugs.

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