Problems I hope you don’t have

This weekend I had but one simple task on my calendar – clean the house.  after taking a shower I started with the shower since the soap scum and other caked on stuff would be soft and more likely to scrub off. 

I got the shower clean, but right at the end I stood up and my back spasmed.  Lovely.  I’m still dealing with it and my normal medication for it isn’t working. 

Just shoot me.  It causes indescribable pain when it happens so you can imagine I’m having a lovely week. 

Oddly, I was able to take my walk yesterday because standing up loosens it up and makes it less painful.  It’s one of those rare times I wished I was a electric meter reader or something as I’d be on my feet all day and the back would recover much more quickly.


5 Responses to “Problems I hope you don’t have”

  1. ouchie! feel better! too bad you aren’t here, my chiropractor is fabulous and can fix anything 🙂 xo

  2. I too have a bad back and walking helps. Find a cute Chiropractor and have him massage your back. My spine is crooked because of the conditions I had to live in when growning up. My sister enjoyed beating my back while I curled up in a ball to avoid being hit in more tender areas. She was 2 eyrs older and about 50 pounds heavier also I was not allowed to touch her becuase she was a girl. Maybe that is why I am such a misogynist today, you think?

  3. I hate that feeling when it happens and you cannot figure out what you did to deserve it! The last time that happened to me, I was cleaning my shower–scrubbing away stuff that needed to go, and then i stood up and OUCH!

    My best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  4. If I find a cute chiropractor I hope he’ll massage more than just my back. LOL

  5. […] annual meeting where I work, so I’ve been incredibly busy getting stuff together for that, laying flat on my back, and preparing for a visit by P.  Speaking of, he’s due in tonight so you probably […]

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