Evidence my cynical nature is justified

I think I was the only one that saw the irony in the fact that cookies, brownies, sugary soda, and potato chips were served at our charity fund-raising meeting this morning. 

I know you’re asking, “What charity is that CQ?” 

Answer: The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.


3 Responses to “Evidence my cynical nature is justified”

  1. CQ you can’t feed those sugary and starchy foods to Diabetics. That is so funny and sad. A good friend of mine is in the ICU at the Hospital right now. He has lost so much weight and is very weak. They have diagnosed him with several different things but the underlying cause is Diabetes.

  2. Nice!

    I love it when people do not always think everything through.

  3. I have always been very sensitive to the dichotomies of the world, as you seem to be in your recent posts. I am greatly bothered by the glaring discrepancies of our society, the “do as I say, not as I DO” syndrome.

    It amazed me during one of the bridge news stories that the spokesman said that we spend $20 billion A DAY to fund the war in Iraq, while maintaining our own infrastructure (including bridges) is so pitifully low by comparison.

    Go figure! It’s just another one of those conundrums which baffles and mind and makes me angry.

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