Sorry guys, CQ is off the market…

You read that right. 

It’s been a year since the DC fiasco with J.  A year I purposely didn’t do much in the way of dating anyone.  Sure, I had flings here and there, but I didn’t pursue anyone with an intent to give them the boyfriend label.   You’ve heard me talk about P a few times but I have not until now identified him as, “boyfriend.”  He’s got that label now. 

What does this mean for CQ?  It means I’ve found a person that I’m interested in establishing a relationship with.  By no means do I see this as a done deal and that is mostly due to my reluctance to do the, “Two lesbians and a U-Haul” thing right now.  However, we are working on that being the logical conclusion to the courtship.  Presently things are not as “lovey-dovey” with myself and P as they have been with others in the past, however I view this as a good thing.  It means I’m taking my time and looking the situation over more objectively.  I know that P is doing the same things. 

Should this work out for the better, I think he and I are looking to leave Conservative Hell and establish a domicile in a state with a bit more liberal leanings.  Assuming things keep progressing as they are, this will likely come sometime next summer since I still have to finish the house and get it sold.  Once that happens, there is nothing keeping me here.

In this particular instance having the house is a good thing as it is keeping both of us from doing anything impulsive.


6 Responses to “Sorry guys, CQ is off the market…”

  1. Damn it I missed my chance, LOL. I hope everything works out for you two fellas. The only liberal area in Indiana is the Bloomington area. The rest of the state is very conservative. It is a college town and small enough with out being too small. A perfect place for a love nest between CQ and P. Plus Adam spends part of the year here so you’d have a friend here already. I feel like a proud Papa. Wherever you live I think you have found a friend who will be your equal and have your back. You need to purchase another fixer-upper that both can work on together. There’s something amiss and I’ll eat my hat if this isn’t love.

  2. How sweet — Congratulations!

  3. I’m trying to be sensible this time as I’m tired of walking through the relationship revolving door. We’re taking our time on this.

  4. YAY! that’s super cute!! congrats 🙂 maybe you and p can come to butter churning town and visit me 🙂 woot! that’d be neato 🙂

  5. Butter Churnining Town in the Commonwealth of Conservative Morons? Sure, I’d like to visit when the time allows. It’s a bit of a haul to get there. If you really wanted to meet, we could do so in the middle somewhere… not a lot of choices and it would likely be a lunch.

    Note: Though she’s moving to the commonwealth it must be said that Koko is FAR from being a moron. 🙂

  6. I would love to live someplace where people can simply “be”. Good luck to the both of you!

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