The Devil is trying to surface

I’m rarely in the living room during the local news portion of the TV morning shows.  So today I missed the fact that the main expressway between my house and my office is closed.  Why?  A huge ‘ole sinkhole opened up in the middle of it last night. 

Apparently the Devil is trying to make it to the surface of Conservative Hell.

Fortunately I drive on this road a short distance, so it’s much easier for me to take an alternate route than it is for people living in points west.


3 Responses to “The Devil is trying to surface”

  1. A sinkhole in the middle of Conservative Hell. That is just too ironical. I found out a “friend of mine” sabotaged a job I put in for by telling them I was a raging Homo. He got the job and I hope he is happy.

  2. Why don’t you tell the employer that you know certain attributes of the anatomy of your “friend”?

    Of course, if someone came to me during an interview process told me somebody else was a raging homo trying to win influence to get me to hire them instead, I’d pass ’em over. If they are willing to stab someone in the back that way, why wouldn’t they do the same thing to me using another issue?

    I wish more people were interested in if you can do the job than which fucking school you went to. The bane of my existence in Conservative Hell and job hunting is that I didn’t attend one of the local mega universities. *ugh* If you’re going to hire based on that, don’t bother to call me and waste my time.

  3. It’s always nice when god and the devil speaks through destruction.

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