Crappy. Customer. Service.

One of the things I’m really beginning to hate about America is the lengths business goes to these days to provide crappy customer service.

Last week my free trial to XM Satellite Radio was coming to an end, so I called the number to renew and begin paying for this service I enjoy. I got an automated system. OK, no person to talk to but I am smart and can usually figure out automated systems. I navigated it, gave it my credit card information, radio ID, etc. and was told that my cost would be $38.85 + taxes for 3 months and that my service was now activated. Problem solved, or so I thought.

Forward to today. I was driving around and without warning my radio stopped working and started playing an annoying loop telling me that my service had been interrupted. I guess interrupted is a nice way of saying, “We shut your service off, biatch!”

I ended up calling the toll-free number that was playing on the infinite loop from hell and was greeted by the same automated system I had used previously. Mind you, this was on a different toll-free number than I had used last week.

I answered all the questions no, no, no, no and proceeded to get connected to a live person named Keisha, that sounded strangely east Indian to me. I don’t know many east Indian women named Keisha, so I saw a definite cultural disconnect there. I don’t know why they keep telling the folks in the Indian call centers to adopt Americanized names as it’s obvious to those of us calling that they are not American at all, and in this case, surely not African-American.

Back to my point. Why is it that customer service and society in general are moving more and more towards a system of penalizing those of us that try to do the right thing?  Am I just so backwards that everything I ever learned as being just, proper, and correct is now wrong?

It’s getting rather annoying.


4 Responses to “Crappy. Customer. Service.”

  1. Did you see where McDonalds has put some of there Drive-Thru’s onto a Computer web so when a person orders food the order is taken by a team in Denver? They can’t get it right now. Soon they will say sorry we didn’t take your order. I’m sure once they get it up and running the whole thing will be moved to India. “This Be Tyrone, Sahib, may I be able to fill you odor?” “Yes, I’ll have a Big Mac hold the special sauce.” “May Buddha be praised, Tyrone does not want to hold the sauces.” “Forget it you fucking moron.” “Tyrone forgets it if you please, Thank yoo, have the nice day.”

  2. I absolutely HATE the way things are becoming more and more automated; it’s like pulling teeth to “speak to a representative”.

    Then when you finally DO reach a live person, they often don’t speak English well. They are also clueless about cultural cues and don’t know how to think outside of the box, so they resort to reading off their cue cards, rattling off their scripts in a monotone, which is always unsatisfactory!

    It’s all about money. Companies don’t want to pay decent (live!) employees when they can have a machine do the work. Problem is, the automated systems RARELY work.

    Grrr! I wish I could say that things will get better, but I see it only getting worse.

    Enough sweetness and light for now. 😉

  3. What I’m finding somewhat amusing is that in their drive to get rid of more employees, they are making it difficult to actually give them money for their services.

    I’m hoping this is where all this automation starts to implode on them.

  4. I know someone who waited forever to renew their XM from their free trial and they kept lowering the price cause they wanted to keep them as a customer. woot! maybe next time you should try and wait?

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