Tell me where this sign is and win a free dictionary!

Pat, can I purchase a vowel?OK, I’m not really going to give the person that guesses where this sign is a free dictionary, but the person that did this should have purchased one when they bought their can of spray paint and stencil set. I’m guessing they did not purchase the stencil set for this occasion. I find this thought logical since the two A’s are upside-down V’s.

I’m really not sure what is more bewildering… The Conservative Hellions borrowing a tactic from mostly liberal taggers or the fact that we continue to allow voting by people that cannot spell simple words.

The sign was found here in my own town in Conservative Hell, though I’m kind of worried about the quality of my neighborhood if people such as this can afford to live in it. Being one of the more expensive in town, I thought that all of them could at least spell the word in question.

I *really* must get out of this place before I stab myself in the head with a knife.


3 Responses to “Tell me where this sign is and win a free dictionary!”

  1. Hmmmm… illiterate types are found everywhere.

    At least it is pretty creative to put the message on a stop sign as opposed to just a bumpersticker.

  2. Where the sign is? I know, I know. ooh I win a picture of CQ! LOL. I comment because I have no life. I do know how to spell Marriage. How can they Stop G^y M^rrige if they haven’t even started it yet? I’m going to get a life soon I promise.

  3. Cameron Says:

    Oh, we’ve got ’em quakin’ in their boots now.

    Whoever wrote on that sign must have a cravin’ for some ol’ fashioned gay lovin’.

    But it’s buried under ignorance AND illiteracy. Two birds with one stone!

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