Ewwww that smell!

I’m glad I flew the route in this article last month instead of last week.  YUK!


2 Responses to “Ewwww that smell!”

  1. Michel Says:

    Eww! That’s fucking disgusting! Hahaha
    Poor passangers!

  2. OMG! Can you imagine? The smell of shit in the air and the flight attendant saying who ordered the chipped beef on rye? Next time they will be ready. Butt plugs to be used when the toilets aren’t working. Perhaps the next generation jet won’t even have restrooms. They can get more Butts on the plane that way.
    Forgive my crudeness, I’m bummed out since reading a story about a guy in my area being beat and kicked to death because he MIGHT be Gay. The young men who killed the 5’4″ less than 100LbS man known as “shorty, are expected to get off scott free since they say he asked one of them for sex and they had to kill him even though they were younger and much bigger than him. They tortured him and sent pictures of the beating to their friends. They threw him in the back of their pick-up Truck after ripping his clothes off and took out to a country lane where they beat him some more. One guy who had been a spectator up to this point took off his boot and hit him 75 times. I left a lot out of it . The story makes me sick. This part of Indiana is the most Homophobic in all the Midwest. The children are told to hate gays and that God wants them to torture and kill all of them before they spread like Cancer. HIs name was Aaron Hall, you may be able to google it if you have a strong stomach. This may be 2007 but in Southern Indiana it is more like 1907.

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