Thou shalt not speed

You’ve got to be kidding.

Where was the Vatican a week ago when all this was going on?


3 Responses to “Thou shalt not speed”

  1. The Holy Father has spoken, the next time I get behind the wheel while I am doing 55 MPH I’ll obey the Pontiff and close my eyes and bow my head in prayer. Just think if several million people follow his orders. Let me see he never had sex but is an expert on it. Now he has never driven a Car and is the final authority about driving. Give me a break!

  2. He’s driven a car. At least if I’m to believe all the stories out there about his former VW being auctioned off periodically.

    But I’ll agree on the other point. For someone that follows or worships a Jewish carpenter, he sure hasn’t nailed anything.

  3. I heard the explanation for Priests not beoing allowed to marry. They used to marry but when they died the wife got their Estate. They were then forbidden to marry and now when they die, the Estate goes to the church.
    One Priest told the other one as they passed a beggar, “They can’t say Silver and Gold have we none anymore”. The other Priest said, “yeah, but we can’t say rise up and walk anymore either”.

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