Justice Served

Isaiah Washington has lost his job on Grey’s Anatomy.

Kudos to ABC for not renewing his contract. 

In response to this turn of events, Washington says, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore…”  I wonder if he expressed similar outrage to the firing of Don Imus a while back when he made his nappy headed ho’s comment?

I’m happy with this outcome and feel like justice has been served.  If Imus was fired for his comments, Washington should have been fired for his as well.  They were BOTH wrong, just as I said a couple months ago.


2 Responses to “Justice Served”

  1. That is good news now TJ won’t have to pretend to like the asshole. Now if only Dr. McDreamy will turn gay again like he was on Will & Grace, and then hook up with George. Woot, it could be a great season this fall on ABC.

  2. I meant T.R. Knight. Sorry.

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