F***ING A$$HOLE Conservative Hell Drivers!

I don’t know what it is about the idiots around here and not knowing how to drive or walk!

I was on my way to one of the big box hardware stores on my way home from the office and some idiot pulled right out in front of me without looking. I had the right away, traveling down the street and he was turning out of a driveway. I *barely* missed hitting him. Barely meaning I was 2 inches from the side of his car when I came to a panic stop. I actually had a vision flash before my eyes of hitting his “canyonero” (big ass SUV) is how close this was.

I’m shaken-up but overall glad I didn’t have to kill this retarded idiot. When you’re driving the biggest, most hulking SUV on the freaking planet, how hard is it to see over all the sedans waiting at the stop light to notice there is a car, moving slowly (15 MPH max) in your direction towards the left-turn pocket? It’s a good thing I wasn’t racing through the turn pocket like MOST people do around here.
If I had broadsided him with my BRAND NEW CAR (it only has 2000 miles on it) I would have had to kill him. *ugh*

I don’t know what it is about people around here but for some reason since March they seem to lack common sense. What with walking in front of my car when I’m waiting to pull out of a driveway, rear ending me at red lights, coming at me the WRONG way down a one-way street, and now this.

I need to leave Conservative Hell before I get killed!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.


6 Responses to “F***ING A$$HOLE Conservative Hell Drivers!”

  1. Your new car is a target. Nobody scratches or wrecks old cars. Believe me your state doesn’t have a monopoly on stupid driving. Not only do the f*ckers pull out in front of me even though there isn’t a care for miles behind me, they have no idea what that thing on their steering column is for. People it is for turning. When you are turning right you push it up and left push it down. Guess what, that way everyone knows when and where you are going to turn. Dumbasses! I sit there watching you and you seem ot be slowing down, are you going to turn? Sure enough you turned. Thanks for wasting my time. Dumbasses. Whew. I feel better.

  2. I’m frustrated by the stuff that has happened. Each time I was doing what you’re supposed to do in traffic – driving the correct direction down the one-way street, stopped for a red light, waiting to clear the driveway that went across the sidewalk, and traveling forward on the main road.

    The only one I questioned was the incident with the pedestrians, but I looked the law up. I was occupying a mixed use space first, so I had the right to clear. I could have run their asses over and likely not been cited.

    Ed, if you’re in South Africa push the lever down for right and up for left. Oh, and it’s on the other side. TQE has a ton of experience with this. *grins*

  3. I think TQE would say that it was you who couldn’t remember which way is right and left. He is in Bloomington right now. Those people are the worst drivers on earth. I swear they get there licenses at Target. Have him get you some used underwear at Goodwill. lol.

  4. I think both us suffered from that affliction.

  5. don’t feel bad…i got into an accident when i had my car for 5 days…only 200 miles on it. they weren’t even making replacement parts for it yet. 😦 le sigh

  6. Wow! That would be le suck. 😦

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