Back to remodeling… part 2

I went out today and made an amazing discovery regarding the kitchen remodel.  I observed the cabinets I’ve been wanting to buy for the past 6 months are now being discontinued as in-stock items at the big box hardware store.  You think that would suck for me, right?  Not at all as they are now on sale for 50% off.  Can you say all the cabinets for my kitchen for $1500?  WOO HOO!

Now I just have to go out tomorrow and buy them all before somebody else does.  The three stores in my city had almost everything in stock between them.  The only thing missing are two cabinet doors, but I can order those from the manufacturer. 

Sometimes being the King of Procrastination pays off…  Let’s see if I can actually get around to all the stores tomorrow before they are sold.


2 Responses to “Back to remodeling… part 2”

  1. Wow! What incredible luck!

    Congratulations on saving all that dough in the kitchen!

  2. Slothfulness pays off once more hooray! I don’t think that even our people can tell the difference between this years model and last years model cabinets. If they do who the hell cares? Saving dough in the kItchen, good one TQE.

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