Let’s change the project… again!

I’m having one of those days.  I’ve been rather under the weather lately and the only reason I stayed at the office today is that my boss decided to take the day off.  Not a big deal, he rarely takes time off.  Problem is I’m still under the weather.  *blah*

Today is the day one of my sales people decided to turn into a stark raving loon.  I get a project in and work on it.  I send it back out.  They get back in touch, “No, I want it this way…” I change it.  “No, now I want it this way…” I change it.  Again.

Then they come back and want another change and essentially tell me they are going to miss their deadline because I’m not giving them what they want.  Listen dumb ass, I could get you what you want if you would STOP changing the parameters of the project.  Don’t blame your missing a deadline on me.



4 Responses to “Let’s change the project… again!”

  1. So could you change it back to its original version? We decided to go with that after all. Tell them they are Nucking Futts!! Sounds like a typical Monday. Every time I think I’m winning the rat race along come faster rats! How can I soar like an Eagle when I’m working with Turkeys? Choose those or this gem: Poor planning on YOUR part does not constitute a panic attack on MY part.

  2. Or I could just tell them DIAF!

  3. boo we both are le sicko 😦

  4. clients like that should come equipped with a little node implanted somewhere in their head. Once they reach their limit on stupidity, the node should automatically explode.
    I think it’s a workable plan.

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