Countdown to Africa…

I just don’t know how time has gone by so quickly.  I looked at my calendar and realized that in less than 3-weeks I’m going to be landing in South Africa.  To which I remembered a few things:

  • I have not obtained an international driving permit.
  • I have to go get a few small items for carrying my money and identification.
  • I need to call KLM and get a seat assignment.  If I have a seat assignment BEFORE I get to Amsterdam, it will be a lot harder to be denied boarding.
  • I need to figure out if AA batteries are sold in South Africa.  I’d much rather acquire them in Africa than appear that I’m trying to piece together a bomb as I transport a box of batteries through security.

I’ve taken care of the first item on the list as I obtained my IDP at lunch today.  It was a relatively painless process, but the darn thing cost more than my Conservative Hell drivers license and the IDP is only good for 1-year.


3 Responses to “Countdown to Africa…”

  1. Having never been to Africa I can’t know if they have aa batteries but using my inane sense of logic I deduce that all of our battery operated devices are made in China and the batteries are made in china. I have never heard of an electronic device running on anything else besides the standard size batteries I believe you are safe in waiting to buy the batteries. It is better than being strip searched and cavity searched by a matronly old gal with a mole on her chin and cigar breath. Right?

  2. Well if she searched me she’d deserve to see whatever she saw.

  3. I would not worry about AA batteries. Bring one or two, the rest you can buy there.


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