Dumbass-a-palooza winding down…

It appears that dumbass-a-palooza is winding down.  The old car has now been paid off and the account closed, My younger brother is still acting inappropriately, and the bug people are finally getting responsive and performing under their contract.  I’m hoping I’m paying now in the form of all this stress so things will be less stressful for a while.

The good news is now that these other issues are taken care of, the only annoyance in my life presently is the family situation, but I fear that will always be.  The trust is about set up, but I begged, pleaded, and urged my mother to make sure this stuff gets set up in such a way that when I have to deal with my brother(s) that I’m not in a situation where I’m forced to be “married” to them. 

I’m o.k. with the older one at this point (he and I get along just fine) but the younger one is worrisome.  Why?  He tends to stir sh*t with people all the time, he thumbs his nose at the local authorities, and generally creates a huge mess for anyone that has the displeasure of crossing his path.  For these reasons when the time comes I do not care to be forced into an inseparable situation with him.   If that happens his liabilities suddenly become my liabilities and that is something I don’t desire and don’t understand why I would have to accept.  I completely powerless to prevent it from happening if that is how things are set up by the family.  Odd that in the USA, people can force you to be exposed to other peoples liabilities even if you don’t want to be.

I forecasting that by the time I get back from South Africa, life will start getting better.  *fingers crossed*


One Response to “Dumbass-a-palooza winding down…”

  1. After your trip to the South of Africa, everything will seem much less stressful. Why, You’ll see just how much better we have it here in the states. Bring back souvenirs for the family. For younger bro a Voodoo mask. LOL.

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