Yesterday was a perfectly lovely day until I got home.  In the span of 30-minutes I went from being only slightly sad (see previous entry) to being angry and upset at the world.  Between two phone calls and some mail I was ready to hire Tony Soprano to go whack a few people.  *ugh*

First – I get home and discover a note from the lease company of my previous car.  Turns out the dealer I bought the new car from has not sent them a check to zero out the amounts due on the old car,  as they agreed to A MONTH AGO.  Phone call to dealer, waiting on their excuse.

Second – My wood eating friends are still in the house.  I had a swarm, albeit MUCH smaller than last year in my home.  The termite folks are due in tomorrow to see.  This was a previously scheduled appointment and not a special call to them.  Jebus Farking Christ, I paid you $1,000 last year to get rid of them, why are they still there?

Third – A representative of the same company called to let me know he was coming out to perform my quarterly bug treatment.  Lesse, I mailed a letter to you guys a MONTH ago to tell you I was cancelling this service.  I don’t really feel like paying you $27.50 a month for basically nothing.  I had to call them three times to take care of the same ant problem and the ants are still there to this day.  I could do this just as good as they did with a can of Raid for $4.00.

Fourth – I talked to my older brother last night and found out my younger brother has, BIG SURPRISE, quit his job.  This kid never holds a job.  Naturally my grandfather will bail his ass out again since this brother has a kid.  When is my grandfather going to stop being a doormat, refuse to give my brother money and make him man-up to his responsibilities?  I’m guessing that will happen after he croaks.

I’m third in line for signing paperwork on the estate when my grandfather goes.  Their brainiac lawyer has apparently decided it is better to make the succession go older brother, younger brother, me.  Why?  Because the other brothers are in the same town as the assets and I’m on the other side of the country.  He says it would be better because there would be someone to sign paperwork when needed. 

Is this lawyer a f-ing idiot?  Would you name someone as successor trustee on an estate worth $2 million if he can’t even hold a job and take care of himself?  Can you say embezzlement of funds out of the trust?  *ugh*  Has this lawyer never heard of overnight delivery or fax machines?  I’m definately calling my mother tonight to point this one out. 

Personally I hope my grandfather takes all his money and spends it on hookers and blow, but if he’s gonna pass it down please do so in a manner than isn’t going to create a HUGE issue later.

I need to start surrounding myself with smart people.  Thanks to those of you that come here for filling that role; it helps me keep my sanity!

Rant mode off.


6 Responses to “Dumbass-a-palooza”

  1. disenchanted Says:

    Hookers and Blow? Awesome!

  2. It was a bad day yesterday. Today isn’t looking much better. One of my favorite blogs shut down because of pressure from an unknown source. Another one has become the victim of harassment which seems to be the way they start.
    I told you last year to save your money and buy a can of Raid. If they are ants and not Termites, they should be easy to get rid of. Actually, you could put a few open packets of Equal around where the ants are and they will eat it and die. Makes you wonder how safe it is for humans, huh?

  3. Yes, hookers and blow. I’d like the old guy to have some fun while he still can. *grins*

  4. I think your brother and my sister are friends along with boyfriends brother. It sure would be nice if they learned how to wipe their own ass instead of making everyone else do it for them. I just don’t understand how they can’t be ashamed of themselves? LEEEE SIIIIIGH

    soon i’ll be near by! woot!

  5. Inheritance issues are always so nasty. It seems a shame to ruin a perfectly nice occasion like a relatives passing with haggling over “who gets what?”.

  6. Daniel–

    It’s entirely more complicated that you think. I may write a blog entry about it today. It has less to do with any estate than it has to do with his intense homophobia. *ugh*

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