For my readers in Indiana…

I bring you the new competition for Indiana license plates.

I especially liked this quote from the article:

“…The seal shows a frisky buffalo in front of two mountain peaks, features that are about as common to Indiana as six-legged pythons or unindicted East Chicago politicians…”

Here is a link to the BMV website for you to register your vote for any one of the four designs. Unfortunately, three of them are nearly identical. Be sure to register your vote soon, the contest ends April 18.



11 Responses to “For my readers in Indiana…”

  1. I noticed that the plates were a lot alike. I didn’t realize there were Buffalo. My sister has a herd of Buffalo in guess where, Indiana. There were Buffalo in Indiana years ago. There is a Buffalo on the state seal. I like Buffalo. I’m voting for that plate. It has to better than some we’ve had in the past: Wander Indiana and Amber Waves of Grain.

  2. I went to vote looking for the Buffalo Plate and the only Buffalo was a reproduction of the State Seal. The Buffalo is jumping over a tree trunk. It is representative of the Battle of Fallen Timbers during the war of 1812 that defeated the British and secured the midwest for the USA. There aren’t any mountains just hills with the sun rising. I like it anyway.

  3. That is the one I voted for, after spoofing an Indiana zip code so I could. *grins* I really felt like it was similar to having an election for John Smith, John Smith, John Smith, and John Smith. They were mostly the same thing.

    I’ve also fixed the entry and provided a link directly to the BMV page so that you can go to it directly and register your vote. Personally, I like the plate Indiana had prior to the current one. I thought it was a very nice plate. Unfortunately it seems this time around you’re going to end up with a derivative of that one.

    At least they are re-designing it in Indiana. We just had a “new” design introduced in conservative hell. It’s the same design they had before but instead of the serial number being blue it’s now red. I’m thinking they want it to stick out compared to plates in bordering states. Unfortunately, bordering states use the color red on plates to indicate drunk drivers or child molesters. Conservative Hell DMV is touting it as a major re-design. Here’s a thought… Why not give us something new? You’ve been using this plate for 25 years! Putting different color paint in the rolling machine isn’t a major re-design.

    I’ve only seen two so far… I’m hoping to god the DMV doesn’t run out of blue serial plates before my car dealer gets off it’s ass and files the paperwork.

  4. disenchanted Says:

    Even better – You can get an “In God We Trust” specialty plate without having to pay extra. {Groans}

  5. those designs are horrible!


  6. Yeah, those In God WE Trust plates are everywhere here. They think it makes them seem more holy. I ask them what God are you trusting, they give me a cold stare or say Jesus Christ then I say oh, I thought it was Buddha! Fun times. LOL.

  7. I voted early last week for the plates. My boss and I have noticed an interesting trend with the God plates…they all drive like sh*t. I like the enviro plates myself 🙂

  8. ps my new state doesn’t do the whole drunk driver molester thing does it? not that i will change my plates, but yucko. now i’m going to look for them!

  9. I’m not sure if they do Koko. I know they have abouta million different specialty plate up there. You can get the greenish blue ones similar color to the current Indiana plate or the 6 digit “Great Seal” plates for a one-time fee of $25-$30 and then normal registration in subsequent years. I got the great seal plates when I lived there because I wanted a six-digit, all numeral plate. *grins* If you’re into symetry on your car, it’s the one to get.

  10. I voted. Woot! I agree that they are ugly, but they are better than those washed out farm hick plates Indiana has right now.

  11. The new plates will no longer have the city prefix we’ve become used too. When I was a child the prefix was two letters then they chnaged to a number and one letter, example: 53A. Now the will have 53 Monroe at the top instead and just a number in large font across the plate. No more 42A , 42B. 42c etc. Just the number alphabetically and the county.
    What they really need is help applying those yearly stickers. I don’t know how many I’ve seen with the sticker in the wrong corner over top of the month instead of the year. They need a plate with an arrow pointing to the correct corner and the words: Place new sticker here MORON! Here’s a Zip code to use if you want to vote for the buffalo plate: 47401.

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