Pot. Kettle. Black.

I’m so glad that the Reverend Jesse Jackson is so upset about Don Imus’ nappy headed ho’s comment.  It’s not as if he’s ever done anything like that.  Kudos to Meredith Viera for pointing this out on the Today Show this morning.

I bet the good reverend likely thought Isaiah Washington was being treated too harshly about his “f-word” remarks against his Grey’s Anatomy co-star T.R. Knight.   You’d think that he and a group of people that have been so discriminated against, hate speeched, and vilified through the years wouldn’t support one of their own engaging in such behavior.  Actually, the African-American community was so upset with Mr. Washington that the NAACP gave him an image award *after* he did this.  Way to go!  Reward homophobic bigots but get upset when someone slights your community the same way.

I guess it’s OK because Mr. Washington apologized… Don Imus has done the same thing but since he is white you must call for his head on a pike.

My attitude is that if Isaiah Washington can stay on the air so can Don Imus.


6 Responses to “Pot. Kettle. Black.”

  1. Did you forget that we are not equal with every one else? How dare Gays ask for the same rights as people who are better at hiding their indiscretions.
    They forget that Hitler started out taking rights away from the jewish people and the rest said hooray! But when it came their turn to lose their rights the same people cried for help.

  2. I agree, though I think the situation in the USA improved significantly in January 2007.

  3. Here in Indiana, We have an old Senator named Lugar. He has been in office since Lincoln was president. He is a republican and therefore is very protective of the rich and backs Bushie 90% of the time. The Democrats hands are tied in the Senate because of he 2/3 majority rule. Lugar came up for reelection last year. Now was our chance to get him out, right? Wrong! the Indiana Democrat party never ran anybody aginst him until the last minute. Saying, ” Everyone loves him.” So of course the write in candidate didn’t win. I blame the Indiana Democrat party among others for Bushie being able to veto every bill the Demos try to get passed. Maybe they’ll wise up in 2008.

  4. Um… Democrat in the form you’re using it is deragatory. 🙂 Need to add the -ic on to the end of it.

  5. Okay, I’m a Democratic? Hell, I thought I was a Democrat!!!?!!LOL.

  6. Don Imus is tasteless and unfunny, but so was Isaiah Washington. The black civil rights movement lost it’s integrity a very long time ago. It’s become a pond in which black politicians can fish for attention and MONEY. Martin Luther King was allowed to live as long as he talked about black conditions at home. When he started interfering with affairs of state, i.e., the war on Vietnam, things that affected all people of every color, he was murdered in short order. Sharpton, Jackson et al, paid very close attention to that phenomenon and that has been the pattern of the black civil rights movement ever since.

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