Darth Cathedral

Did you know that there is a grotesque of Darth Vader on the National Cathedral in Washington, DC?

I find this appropriate considering the location of this particular house of worship.  Not to mention the cathedral is up the street from where that rat bastard J (my ex) lives.


2 Responses to “Darth Cathedral”

  1. Darth Vader is our modern version of a Gargoyle. A thousand years from now the Archeologists will be amazed that we looked like that. Your ex is there too. They said one looked like a coon and one had large teeth.

  2. I don’t think my ex is on there unless there is one of the scarecrow, cowardly lion, and tinman from the Wizard of Oz. They were all looking for a brain, a heart, and courage; all things my ex is lacking.

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