Cable company evicted

As of 12:30 today the cable company is evicted from my house.  I think I’m gonna buy a recordable combo DVD/VCR and rabbit ears.  Most of the shows I watch can be streamed on demand from the related network TV sites for up to a month after they air.   I live in the middle of my media market, so I should be able to pick-up everything.  Lessee… $140 vs. $40/free.  No-brainer!

Now let’s see if I can get a new car negotiated.  I’m almost done with this financial and life reorganization.  If I get the new wheels I’ll post photos, but don’t hold your breath.  I’m curoius what Disenchanted paid for document fees when she purchased Sally.  The dealer here wants $500 and I told them they are CRAZY.  $500 for them to type about 10 numbers into a computer to have it spit out a contract.  I wish I could make $500 an hour off all my customers.


4 Responses to “Cable company evicted”

  1. Congratulations!

    You’ve made a big leap… and what do you mean by document fees? I’ve never paid document fees, or if I have, I don’t remember paying them.

  2. This is the fee they charge for processing the paperwork on the car (IE going to Motor Vehicles, arranging the financing (if you use theirs), etc.). In states where it is capped the highest I saw was $250. Most states that cap these fees do so at about $75.

    I got the paperwork out on the black car and saw that I paid $255 for this “service”. Theoretically I could run these papers to motor vehicles myself and save that. I had to do that with my commuter car (the 2004 Cavalier I had when living in the Commonwealth of Conservative Morons) since I purchased the car in one state and registered it in another. I told the dealer I wasn’t paying document fees if I had to run the documents myself. They agreed and took them off.

    Basically it is a service I think should cost a maximum of $75. Think about it $425 for each customer that doesn’t challenge it x100 cars = $42,500 in PURE profit for the dealer for doing NOTHING more than typing 10-15 numbers into a computer and printing out forms. I don’t deny them a profit, but when this dealer put that fee on there I wondered if the dealership is owned by the Cosa Nostra.

  3. I don’t know what I paid in document fees for Sally, but I am sure it wasn’t $500 because I would have noticed that!

  4. I’ve since changed to out the door price. That is to include their bogus fees, the taxes, and licensing. IE this is what my loan will be. I’ve calculated what I’m willing to pay for the car in total, so they can charge $10,000 in fees so long as I get out the door to include everything they throw at it for my price.

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