American Whine-ol…

I never watch American Idol.  Never.  So it was painful to sit through this mornings segment on the Today Show where a little girl was a guest and they interviewed her about how Sanjaya Malakar moved her to tears with his performance.  She was in the audience this week when he sang.

The way this little princess was going on about him I half expected her to look in the camera and say, “Sanjaya, come help me do my homework.  We’ll go up to my room and my parents will never know what is really going on.  I’ll strip down for you and all I ask is that you put your love volcano into my virginal valley and let your man lava flow from within you…” 

I wanted to wretch.

I’m sad that this little girl is buying into the hype surrounding the highly managed, fine-tuned machine that is American pop culture.  It’s all about making a buck and I’m sure she’s going to spend every last cent she has on crap surrounding this show.  *ugh*

After this I’m seriously considering just turning off my cable entirely and packing the TV into the box it arrived in.


2 Responses to “American Whine-ol…”

  1. I watched american crydol and the today show as well. When Ryan S. pointed out the crying adolescent. Simon thought she was crying because her ears where hurting. Howard Stern and a gang of teeny boppers are keeping Sanjaya on the air. Stern is doing it because he wants a loser to win. The preteens don’t care about singing they just wan to rip Sanjayas cloths off. If Faux wasn’t the money grabbing scoundrels we know them to be they would only allow one vote per person and vote by computer.

  2. wow, i’m glad i stay away from that show…

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