Dear cable company, DIE IN A FIRE!

I am seriously considering FIRING the cable company.  $140 a month for the few shows I like to watch and my Internet connection is just plain absurd.  I can get rabbit ears for the TV and watch the few shows I want just by getting a VCR or personal DVR to record them off the air and the only thing I think I’d miss is BBC America.  I can join one of the mail-order DVD services and get the TV shows I like to watch a season at a time and not have to watch commercials.

I can get my news and weather off the internet and I could probably find a torrent for the 2-3 shows I do watch, but no point really if I get rabbit ears and watch them when they broadcast off the airwaves for free.  Many of my shows are on ABC and usually made available on-line to watch at my leisure.

I should replace my TV area in my living room with a nice built-in cabinet that would add some style and class to the place.  I’d build a TV area into it, but I could probably just put a potted plant there as well.

Dear local cable ass rapists – your service is not a necessity.  You keep raising the bill and now your service is 95% certain to be removed from my home.  Permanently.  Your rates are borderline extortion since they have gone up 37% in the past year.


5 Responses to “Dear cable company, DIE IN A FIRE!”

  1. OMG, $140 a month! That is my entire Utility bill. I don’t have any premium channels or the BBC but I only pay $12.95 a month. That may be a good idea for you. Tell the cable guy you only want Basic Cable. Then you’ll get most of the channels you watch now and they will come in clearly. The BBC shows will be on DVD.

  2. disenchanted Says:

    We pay less than that and it includes our digital cable, the phone (local and XXX minutes of long distance) and our internet access. Holy hell, but how many channels do you have???

  3. You should listen to this week’s This Americna Life — it’s all about television, and the first act is about a guy who is compelled to watch 29 hours of TV.

  4. wow that’s a lot. like…whoa. we have the highest speed internets ours offers (they offer a few) and digi cable for 80.41 a month. We don’t have any fancy pay channels or a dvr. I thought ours was high…but wowie. I would have a hard time only going to basic…i like the guide and the extended channels like hgtv, tlc, and court tv (wooot cops!).

    you can come over and watch tv with me tho! 😀 we can drink wine and watch flip that house! woot!

  5. Cost – When I first got it I had the teaser rates that brought my total to about $90 for TV (digital with DVR) and Internet. Then the first year ended and it shot up about $30. Then the local franchise authority let them up it 4% last month.

    If I can get torrents to work, I’ll be downloading the few shows I like to watch instead. I can’t seem to get torrents to work though. They are all downloading at speeds less than dial-up.

    I am going to be looking for satellite today. I don’t need movie channels so am not worried about that. The same set up with satellite and a new ISP will run me about 50% of what the cable is.

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