Finally, Finally a painted bath

AfterBefore PaintingI got off my ass this weekend and painted the bathroom.  It is a lovely hot chocolate color and goes well with most things I have to put in it.  I still do not have the cabinet up above the toilet since I forgot to purchase washers for the wall anchors, but outside of that and putting up the trim the bath is done.  WooT!

Here are before and after photos.  Click on them to make them larger.


5 Responses to “Finally, Finally a painted bath”

  1. wow! That’s awesome, it looks nothing like how I remember it!

  2. Thank you. It’s amazing what $25 worth of paint can do and I feel much better about my house now. It feels LESS like a construction zone even though I still have some work to do in there. I figure in the next couple of weeks I’m going to go out and get the stuff to tile the floor. I have a friend that is willing to let me stay with them for a couple days so that the tiles can be set and cured.

    The two photos were taken less than 24 hours apart. The first on Saturday at about 3:00 in the afternoon and the other Sunday at about noon.

    My goal is to get this project done before we leave for Africa. With the paint the bulk of it is finished.

  3. WOW!! that’s great! you’re such a great handiguy. maybe when we are almost neighbors i can come over to help. i helped build houses with my brother when i was a kid…so i find that stuff fun. 😀 ha, take that stalker! 😀

  4. Cameron Says:

    My “huuuus-bund” is a handyman too.

    That’s sexy, because I sure ain’t no handyman.

  5. You’re always welcome in my home koko. Any friend of TQE is a friend of mine.

    Cameron – With all these projects I could use a husband myself since my fifth appendage isn’t any good for holding up cabinets while I fasten them to the wall. And… you play musical instruments so you are quite handy. I’m sure your “huuuus-bund” might say you play the flute very well. 😉

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