Fun, strenuous, dirty, enjoyable, naughty…

That describes my day off yesterday.  I had one day of vacation that I carried over from last year that had to be used before the end of this month.  I decided to take the day off yesterday since it was 80F and sunny. 

A friend and I went to one of the state parks where I like to go hiking.  We had a camera along to take pictures of the great outdoors  dirty pictures of my friend.  I did not have any of these photos taken of myself… frankly I have enough of them to blind my readers with if this blog were the type that posted photos of such things.

When we arrived at the park there were only three cars in the parking area.  We had not passed anyone on the trail so my pal saw a place he wanted to snap a couple pics.  There we were snapping photos.  When we were done a guy suddenly came up over a rise in the trail from the direction we were traveling.  He walked over the top of the rise where we stopped and had the biggest Cheshire Cat grin on his face.  I guess we were caught and this meant he had waited behind the rise for us to finish snapping photos.  Surely he must have been a fellow queer that was in the park cruising, though why you would cruise two miles up a trail that goes up hill both ways (800 vertical feet) is beyond me.   I figure at the least he must have been friendly to gay people or realized he was outnumbered 2-to-1 and didn’t start trouble.

We kept hiking and ended up at a place I call the fire tower that I believe is an old 1930’s CCC project.  It is a really nifty place with incredible views.  On a clear day looking to the southeast you can see my neighborhood 40-miles away (Using binoculars I can pick out the water tower 2-blocks from the house), you can see the next state park to the west, and you can see the taller structures in the Conservative Hell Metropolitan Area.  A really nice view that we spoiled when we stepped off the trail to take more dirty pictures.  

Naturally two more people happened by but stayed up on top of the hill.  We were sheltered by several trees and a boulder so they didn’t see us, but clearly they knew what was up when we walked out of the brush.

The naughty part of our trip happened when we walked back to the car through the closed trail.  The park is in the process of building a stone stairway in a previously heavily worn, rutted trail.  To me this is a disturbing development.  One of the charms of hiking this trail is that even on a busy summer day many will not attempt to hike it because it is strenuous and perfect for twisting an ankle.  Now the park is “fixing” the ruts and building stairs to the top of the mountain. 

Great, my second favorite park in the State of Conservative Hell is turning into Diz-knee Wurld.  The trails will now be full of trash and crap that these insensitive dolts will bring up.  My experience is that the city dwellers enjoy nature but even though they are on a strenuous hike they cannot muster the strength to carry their water bottle that weighs 1 ounce empty back to the bins at the trail head.  This means I often find myself carrying their trash off the hill.

We were walking through the campground area when a park ranger showed up.  Lucky for us he didn’t drive up a minute earlier because he would have seen us walking around the gate of the closed trail and I’m sure we would have been given a citation for being naughty… especially if he had seen what was on the camera.


7 Responses to “Fun, strenuous, dirty, enjoyable, naughty…”

  1. Your life is more interesting than mine.

  2. Oh to be young and jogging through a state park with a really good “Friend.” Damn, I wish we could see the pictures. How about a G rated one of the new close friend?

  3. With the exception of the photo I posted of my nephew I do not post face photos of anyone except celebrities. I figured my nephew was young enough and will change enough that he wouldn’t be picked out in a crowd in a couple of months. LOL

    As for the close friend… I’m not in relationship mode with this individual. Right at the start of knowing him I made it clear that I do not intend to stay in conservative hell. I didn’t close the door on a relationship at some point, but I made it clear that to end up in such with me will require reliquinshing residency in conservative hell. That isn’t going to happen until I have the Jure Sanguinis citizenship sorted out.

  4. disenchanted Says:

    Hysterical! The Coach and I were hiking in an east coast National Park once and started talking to the family that was hiking along with us. At one point, we stumbled upon a couple skinny-dipping (and who knows what else) in a small pond next to the trail.

    Mom’s automated response: Immediate hand over the eyes of her son. LOL.

  5. Gee, we wouldn’t want Billy to get a glimpse of other uses for his penis. LOL

  6. Cameron Says:

    Oooh-oooh-oooh….I started getting a thrill of anticipation when you wrote: “The naughty part of our trip happened when we walked back to the car through the closed trail.

    But then there wasn’t anything naughty. 😦
    I guess those park ranger pornos have stuck in my mind!

  7. I’m getting better at building the anticipation and following with something completely innocent.

    Come on back, I’ll go down on (the closed trail with) you. LOL

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