Car Hire… Done.

I finally got around to sorting out the car hire in South Africa.  In American terms that is car rental.

I’m sure TQE was starting to wonder if I was ever going to get around to this.  I imagine this process could be similar to the AbFab episode called Door Handle where the girls fly on the Concorde from London to New York and back just to find a door handle for the kitchen remodel.  Sadly, much like my remodeling experiences.

The dialogue for TQE and I could go something like the end of the episode.

TQE:  Wow, people pay a lot for this kind of indecision and procrastination.

CQ: Of course.  If it were not for procrastination I couldn’t perform as well as I do.  Being the king of procrastination lets me do fabulous work.

TQE: Admit it CQ, you’re just lazy.  You’d just as soon hitch-hike across the countryside eating whatever you found on the side of the road and picking the remains out of your teeth with old bits of hoof.

CQ: Fine, fine… I’ll go ahead and get the hire organized.

CQ phones up the care hire place, whips out a credit card, writes a few things down and returns.

CQ: There, it’s all arranged.  We’re picking the car up in Durban and returning it to Mbabane.

TQE: I hate to point this out, but we’re traveling to Capetown and Johannesburg.

CQ: Durban, Johannesburg… it’s all South Africa.  Quit being so worried, the car hire is all arranged.

TQE: Well done.  Well done!

Fade to black.


4 Responses to “Car Hire… Done.”

  1. Hmm…I’m wondering just what kind of car you can hire in South Africa? I’m thinking maybe a 1963 Volkswagen Beetle. Unfortunately most of the roads are passable only in a Landrover. I see it going about like this:

    TQE: Is this piece of shit the only car available, CQ?

    CQ: well, there were others but they were higher priced.

    TQE: You should have paid what ever they asked.

    CQ: I’m not made out of money like some people I know.

    TQE: Hell, CQ, If I had your money I’d burn mine!

    CQ: If we stay in Durban and don’t go out in the Savannah we’ll be okay.

    TQE: We are in Johannesburg not Durban!

    CQ: Whatever!!!

    TQE: Look there’s a used underwear store, let’s go in!

    CQ: I won’t go in and your not bringing any used underwear into the same car I’m riding in!

    TQE: I’m sure they cleaned them, I’m going in!

    CQ: So why didn’t you buy anything?

    TQE: Damn, they hadn’t been washed at all!

    CQ: Hahaha! stop making me laugh my back is starting to hurt.

    TQE: Oh NO! I’m not going to carry you around like I did in our last trip.

    CQ: You don’t have to, I used the money we saved on the car to rent a rickshaw, Don’t pull it too fast I can’t take the bumps.

    (end scene)

  2. “sigh?”

  3. Ed pays more attention than I previously thought.

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