Just shoot me…

The title says it all.  Saturday I was out in the yard raking up leaves that had blown all over during our wind storms a month or so ago.  I’m sure my neighbors are happy as it means my yard no longer looks like the Beverly Hillbillies are living next door.   Yes, my yard was so filthy the only thing I was missing was a car up on blocks and a junk yard dog chained up out front.   Four hours of work later it looks semi-respectable again.

Unfortunately all this work has caused me to throw my back out of alignment again.  *ugh*  I hope this doesn’t happen on the upcoming trip to Africa, which I just realized is less than two months away!  I guess I better get the rental car reserved and airline seats assigned.

At least I’m not this poor schmuck.  Looking at his story my life seems downright wonderful.  He probably just wants someone to shoot him. 

When the mighty fall they crash.  Hard.


5 Responses to “Just shoot me…”

  1. Cameron Says:

    OWWWW…sorry to hear about your back. I’ve had trouble with mine off and on for years.

    Do you know anyone who does “bodywork” that might be able to offer relief (no, not that kind!) — such as massage or chiropractic? A good practicioner is worth their weight in gold.

    Anyway I hope that you feel better SOON.

  2. Actually I do know somone that can help. I also had an ex that was a massage therapist. That’s the only thing I miss about him though. LOL

    Things are improving and I’ll probably be much better tomorrow morning. I certainly hope much better than that on Wednesday as I’m taking the day off since it is forecast to be a VERY nice day. Nicest we have had in months. A friend and I are going to a state park to hike so I hope I feel better then!

    Oddly, this issue started on a hike about 4 years ago. *shrugs*

  3. Ack!

    Treat your back well, especially in the week or so just before our trip! I wouldn’t want anything to spoil our fun and games in South Africa and Swaziland.

    I last had a nasty spasm on Christmas Day…

  4. I think avoiding the issue will be simple. I just won’t work on the house or the yard in the week before I go. I’m also brigning along my anti-spasm drugs. I didn’t bring them along on the London trip and you saw what was happening ot me in the Victoria and Albert museum.

    I just hope I can get all these pills and drugs through customs. They are legally prescribed but if I don’t watch out they might think I’m a pharmacist.

  5. Don’t worry CQ I’m sure Adam will be glad to carry you around or at least push you in a wheelchair. LOL. Say, I hear that Johannesburg has a great used underwear store. Hehehe!

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