I need a bumper car, Part II

I wrote about needing a bumper car 2-weeks ago, but little did I know it would come in handy today.  I don’t know what the F*** is wrong with people around here.  Note to fellow Conservative Hellions: the reason traffic is stopped in front of you is likely because the light at the next intersection is red, which means STOP.  I must ask… Why do y’all KEEP running into the back of my car?!?!  This is the second time in less than 6-months this has happened.  Fortunately I have a well-built car, and there is no damage but I can imagine something has to give sooner or later if this keeps happening.  Normally I don’t mind being rear-ended but when it happens it should involve a bed and another dude.

Dear Conservative Hell police force:  quit wasting time with jaywalkers and start putting some points on these idiots licenses!

On another note.  I finally broke down and purchased myself a new computer.  I got an HP Pavilion dv6000 that has all the bells and whistles I want but needs a memory upgrade to deal with Windows Vista.  Memory is rather cheap so I’ll get it when my rebate comes in.  I decided to get a machine that has the features I wanted (more than 2 USB ports, a card reader for my camera card(s), wireless built-in, and a true-brite screen).  This has all that…  so WooT!  I got a new ‘puter.

Sadly I went to purchase a Toshiba Satellite that was advertised in the weekly Office Despot circular and the machine they advertised in the circular (which was prominently displayed at their front door), the computer description on the “pull-tag”, and the sales staff all incorrectly stated this machine had an Intel Pentium duo-core processor.  When I got on the display machine it said it had a Pentium Celeron single-core processor.  Talk about false advertising.  Anyhow I purchased the HP because it was more feature-rich, only cost $40 more than the mislabled Toshiba, and it also has the Pentium duo-core chip.

So I am happy for new ‘puter, sad for getting rear-ended again.  *ugh*


3 Responses to “I need a bumper car, Part II”

  1. Man… drivers in NC must be really bad… 2x?


  2. 2x’s in 4 MONTHS! This is a case I can definately say it wasn’t my fault as I was stopped at a red light both times. Last time I checked that meant stop, right?

    When I had my previous car I got bumped in the back 2x’s also. For all the ranting that folks in the US South do against gay people, they certainly seem to rear-end me enough.

  3. Oh CQ you just knew I’d go there. So You like being rearended in bed? I was under the belief that you preferred to be the one doing the rearending. Now my fantasy is all skewered. Hehehehe!
    Remind me if I ever go to South Carolina to drive a Sherman Tank. Damn, CQ, wouldn’t that be great to drive a Tank down the middle of the street just once? Hit me now Fuckers!!!Hahaha!

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