And the stupid people keep walking the Earth…

Here is the scenario.  I pull away from a local fast-food joint.  No kids on the sidewalk as I prepare to turn right onto a busy street.  My car is ACROSS the sidewalk waiting for traffic to clear.  Walking kids approach car.  The kids have 3 choices:

  1. Stop and wait for the car that has its body across the sidewalk with the nose just off the street gutter waiting to turn complete its turn.
  2. Walk behind the running car waiting to turn.
  3. Step into the gutter and walk in front of the running car waiting to turn.

If you picked 3, then you have the right answer. 

Me?  when I’m a pedestrian I make it a point to walk BEHIND any running vehicle or wait for it to make the turn UNLESS the driver waves me by.  These rocket scientists studying at one of our 100 4-year institutions of higher learning in Conservative Hell felt the right answer was to walk in front of the car. 

Personally I think they deserved to get knocked on their ass.  They should just be grateful I noticed them before I stepped on the throttle. They started yelling at me about how wrong I was.  So I rolled down the window and yelled back, “NEVER STEP IN FRONT OF A RUNNING VEHICLE!”

I know pedestrians have the right of way in the US, but they should also exercise a certain amount of common sense.  *ugh*


3 Responses to “And the stupid people keep walking the Earth…”

  1. Give them some credit, they haven’t reached that point in their schooling where they learn about common sense.

    I love the ones who will walk across the street when the light is green and jump out right as I’m trying to cross. I never hit the breaks and they usually are like “omg crazy girl we shoudln’t be in her way” and jump out of my way. I bet they look both ways before crossing now. Or at least mind those BIG DO NOT CROSS signs.

    P495: Introduction to Common Sense and Good Pedestrianisms.

  2. Common Sense should be a part of the core curriculum. Apparently it is in other parts of the US but not here.

    I fear that I’m picking up their bad habit by simply living here.

  3. I’m not sure it’s ever part of core…but then again maybe I’m overly critical.

    On a completely unrelated note…I just got accepted…hello neighbor! 😉

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