I need a bumper car

At least that is what I think considering the way my fellow Conservative Hellions are driving today.  I overnighted at a place other than my house (no comments from the peanut gallery) so I drove to the office from a different direction today. 

Along the way I encountered the following:

  1. People driving 10 miles under the speed limit on the freeway in the left lane.  Traffic was not heavy.
  2. People pacing the car next to them when there is a sign saying we all need to merge into one lane (this happened at 2 different locations)  Geez, speed up or slow down, but do *something*.  Don’t wait until 30 yards before the end and then suddenly realize that you have a decision to make.
  3. A woman turning the wrong way onto a one-way street in my lane.

I can only hope the drive home this evening is better.  *ugh*  I wonder what phase the moon is in right now?


5 Responses to “I need a bumper car”

  1. drivers licenses are too easy to get, especially in the USA.

  2. The only one of the three that was truly dangerous was the woman turning the wrong way down a 1-way street in my direction/lane.

    The others were mere annoyances. *shrugs*

    The problem with tightening regulations in the US is that everyone would scream about the tax increases to cover the extra motor vehicle department staff AND be grumbling about their “rights” being taken away. Strangely they would piss and moan about these rights but have no problem with suspensions of habeas corpus or eroding of constitutionally guaranteed liberties.

  3. disenchanted Says:

    But … I am glad to see that there are bad drivers in other places than Sorta’ Cosmopolitan. I was beginning to get worried. 😀

  4. I think Drivers license shouldn’t be given out until a person is 18 and after the age of 65 a behind the wheel test given every two years. Also, heavy fines for putting on make-up and talking on the phone while driving. Possibly an age restricted license after the age of 80 that only allows day time driving and no more than ten miles from home. Interstates need at least three lanes, one for regular driving, one for the fast lane and one elderly lane. All of us baby boomers are out there and soon we’ll have everybody riding our bumpers while we roll along at 18 miles an hour with our left blinker on.

  5. The thing I find worrisome is that I’m seeing “creep” from the driving style around Washington, DC making its way to this area. If you remember I once described DC traffic as having two speeds, completely stopped and the speed of light which don’t work so well together on the same road.

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