Almost ready to paint

I had hoped to have the bathroom ready to paint but the caulking job around the bathtub is taking longer than expected.  I’ve had to fill-in a crevice between the tub and the drwall and this is taking forever to dry, re-apply material, and dry again.  I did get the corners squared-up on the drywall joints though.  I have some slight clean-up to do there and then it’s paint time. 

I may have gotten everything done this weekend if this snot-filled, lingering cold would go away.  I just didn’t feel like breathing paint fumes on top of my congestion.

I did manage to run the mower over the yard to grind up the stray leaves that have blown into the yard the past 3 months since leaf season.  So at least my yard is cleaned-up. 

Have a good week everyone.


4 Responses to “Almost ready to paint”

  1. I’m sure you are most adept at filling in crevices CQ! Here in the North we don’t see a lawn mower until late April. Everything is frozen even the leaves are sealed to the ground. I hope your cold gets better soon.

  2. glad to hear that the house is coming together… i hope the cold gets lost. I am happy to say that I am 99.5% better now.

  3. Well we know where Ed is at today, don’t we?

  4. WTF? I was just trying to say that if anybody has a crack that needs filling CQ can do it. What’d I say?

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