Give that ghost a pen

I’m working on the citizenship thing again and I have to send of to the USCIS (formerly INS) to get a copy of the ancestors naturalization papers if they exist.   One problem.  The freedom of information act form has a box to check for “Deceased Subject” but then the same form requires the subject of the inquiry to give their consent.  WTF?

Maybe I can perform a seance and see if my great-grandfather can sign the form?  I can’t just get him to do it among the living since he’s been dead since 1923.


7 Responses to “Give that ghost a pen”

  1. Just sign it with an X and then write his name beside it. These are Government Employees so don’t expect too much. There is no bigger Oxymoron than the phrase, Government Intelligence. If you try to explain that he died in 1923 they will just tell you that without that information they can’t release the papers you need.
    Or you might write to Sylvia Brown from the Montel Williams show and
    have her to channel him and come back to sign the paper. Then of course she is in hiding since being sued by the parents of the boy that was held captive for four years. She said he was dead and buried near a large rock. No, he was being held in a mental cage from which he wasn’t strong enough to escape. Thank goodness she was wrong and the boy is back where he belongs.

  2. Well I guess that makes government employees like my recently retired mother, my retired grandfather and our friend Disenchated complete fools. Not all government employess are dumb ya know…

    As for the parents suing that psychic. Um… which part of psychic don’t they understand? Now if it had been the police that said the kid was dead they’d have a leg to stand on. But suing a psychic? The case has no merit.

  3. My dad, Uncle. Sister, and Brother all either work or used to work for the federal government. Wait a minute! I used to work for the Federal Government! Sorry we are all morons. LOL.

  4. Thanks for clearing that up Ed.

  5. Any time CQ, that’s what I’m here for. I hope you like Winter ’cause I’m sending some mighty cold winds your way.

  6. What’s this cold white crap falling out of the sky?

  7. disenchanted Says:

    I see that the evilness of snow has hit you also!

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