Deutsche thetans jedermann?

I wonder how his thetans levels are progressing?I was reading about the Berlin city-state potentially monitoring Scientology as a subversive organization.  I think I would tend to agree with that assessment, but I was intrigued by the following statement from the article:

Critics charge that Scientology’s therapists seek out psychologically weak devotees and manipulate them to obtain funds.

Gee, and here I was thinking that *all* organized religions do that…


2 Responses to “Deutsche thetans jedermann?”

  1. I read that too. I’m just all sorts of weirded out by any organized religion…I just don’t think it was all intended to be that way 😦 Poor God, (s)he’s all sorts of sad at people who screw up his/her word 😦

  2. Tom Cruise and that Beckham guy are scientologists and look how normal they are.

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