Wasting my life away on the airfield

As noted, I made my way back from Las Vegas yesterday.  Here is the question of the day – Why does United Airlines suck so much?  The last four round trips I have taken with them have resulted in some sort of problem with delays and extra financial burden for myself.

First in February 2003 they flew me into a blizzard and then promptly abandoned myself and my then boyfriend at Dulles Airport.  Their answer to this?  “We got you here and the weather isn’t our fault…”  I’ll agree the weather is not their fault, but they knew the weather was coming, so why did they 1. fly us and 2. then abandon us in the absolute worst airport to get stranded in?

Second, June 2006.  Fortunately on my way out to the west coast I had a 4-hour layover in Chicago so the 1-hour delay was absorbable for me however it wasn’t for many folks.  Still being “jailed” inside an aircraft while they screw around with it isn’t my idea of fun.  The culprit for this delay – nose gear that was making a grind as it turned.  They ultimately decided to run the plane to Chicago before fixing it.

Then we get to yesterday.  I boarded my flight in Las Vegas and they get on the PA and tell us that we will be departing in 10 minutes.  Then we sit.  We sit some more.  Time passes.  My mind wanders.  I begin to think we’re all gonna die while sitting in the plane waiting for it to take off.   Turns out that the lavatory in the front of the plane had some malfunction.  Personally I think we could have just gotten out a paper, pen, piece of tape and written a note that said, “out of order” and been on our way.  Most of the people on this flight missed their connections in Washington, DC.  I missed mine by 10-minutes.

What didn’t help my mood was the woman in the seat behind me.  She flipped out and was basically angry at the whole situation and was carrying on like she was the only one in the whole plane that was being inconvenienced.  She even got on the phone to her family and asked them to call the airline to see if there was another flight available later to her location, a conversation that was sprinkled with profanities that could be heard by people in all the adject rows.  What she doesn’t realize is that when situations like this happen, the airline automatically re-books you on the next available flight, assuming there is space.

Then she started picking on the flight crew.  The issue was not their fault, but she called one flight attendant a bitch, and was generally being surly.  By this time I was ready to turn around and give this idiot a piece of my mind and likely should have, but in this day of terrorist threats Murphy’s law says I’d get taken off the plane and this idiot would have been allowed to fly.  Though from the looks on the faces of everyone around us, I’m sure I would have been a hero.

Once we arrived in DC she wanted everyone to stand aside so she could get off the plane first because she, “had to run to make her connection…”  as if none of the rest of the passengers had a similar issue.

Amusingly, I ran into her at the airport pizza stand an hour later.  I said, “you’re still here?”

My experience with this whole thing?  United Airlines has a current marketing slogan of, “It’s time to fly…”  I think it should be changed to, “It’s time to fix the plane…”


3 Responses to “Wasting my life away on the airfield”

  1. Instead of “It’s time to fly” they should make it “Let’s fly on time” I would actually have a stroke if I was on a plane that needed repairs and they still took off.
    My ceiling isn’t leaking now. Oh, that’s because it finally stopped raining. I need a Mr. Fix-it who works cheap.

  2. I heard you had the Nevada Flu, Is that anything like Gambling Fever?

  3. Umm… no. It’s not an actual illness. 😉

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