Anybody wanna house?

I may be asking this question sooner than I think. 

I received a cryptic yet wonderful phone call Wednesday night as I was pulling into the garage after work.  The call was in response to a resume I sent out six-months ago.  I had a phone interview with the potential employer yesterday and we spent half the conversation talking about my abilities and how they would fit inside their business and the other half talking about compensation packages.   I think I passed the phone interview, now I’m hoping for an invite to their office.  I would have to FLY to their office for the second interview since the employer is located on the other side of the continent.  If successful, accepting this job will create some upheaval in my life. 

First, I’d have to sell the house.  FAST.  Like, “I’m leaving on Valentine’s day” fast.  I’m not sure how I could do that in the slow season.  The good news is I’m almost to the point of painting everything I’ve had torn up, so I can freshen it up and make it look much better quickly.  Many of the required repairs have been made.  I think I’d be willing to take a loss on the money I’ve put into it though.  Sell it high enough to pay the commission and my mortgage off and I’d be happy.  I’d make up the loss in about 6 months in the new job.

Second, it would probably kill my trip to South Africa with Elmada and Disenchanted.  I would be very disappointed that the trip would be over for me, but at the same time it would be worth it for the new adventure taking its place.

Why would I go?  I’d give the current employer a chance to counter, but quite frankly I do not think they could match.  Don’t get me wrong, I like my current employer and they have been good to me but in the end the relationship between an employee and employer is a business one.  IE we are compensated for our time to provide a service to the employer.  Market economics says I should go with the company that is willing to pay me the most.  In this case, likely the new employer.

Why is that the case?  The package would be VERY lucrative.  $18K more in cash compensation in a state that has zero income tax, Medical/dental/vision insurance are completely paid for with $10 co-pays, and the potential employer has 1 for 2 match to 401(k).  This is compared to my current position where I pay $80 per PAY PERIOD for my health coverage with $25/$50 co-pays, make $18K less cash compensation, no match in the 401(k) (though we usually get good profit sharing for a 1-1 match), and a state with a minimum 5% income tax.  Even earning at my current salary I’d likely be $200 ahead each pay day but add in the extra compensation and I’m likely ending up $600 ahead or more each paycheck (twice monthly).

What would you do? 

This is all cart before horse and I’m probably jinxing myself, but I’m very hopeful.  We’ll see.  This would be a most excellent Christmas present, even if it didn’t “pay off” until January.


5 Responses to “Anybody wanna house?”

  1. CQ- I’m certainly keeping my fingers crossed for you. I’d go in a heartbeat if I were in your shoes. I just don’t get the feeling that you’re too pleased with your current course and that this new course could really prove to be a wonderful change. Even if your current employer came up with a good counter-offer, I think you’d enjoy the change. Wonderful news! Now we just have to hope for an office visit and an offer! I hope it is as good as it seems and that it goes your way. Good luck!

    ps i’d die if i got a 18k raise…i nearly cried when i got a 3k raise 😀

  2. If it goes through you’ll hear me singing this song:

    Don’t cry for me North Carolina
    The truth is I couldn’t wait to leave you
    All through my depressive days
    My sad existence
    I kept my promise
    Please keep your distance

  3. Sounds like a great opportunity. Let me see, Washington, Texas and Wyoming have no state income taxes. I don’t think it is Texas only steers and queers live in Texas. So, uh…oh but I still don’t think so. Wyoming is the land of Cowboys . Who would want to …oh, foiled again! I think Washington has the highest pay scale and need for personnel. My guess is Washington. CQ may become a Seahawks fan! Happy Holidays and jolly Kwanzaa and merry Hannukah and for our Canadian readers…Jolly Boxing Day!!!

  4. Wow Ed, this is the first time you’ve been incorrect on here in a while. 🙂

    It is a western state, but not the one you think. It was a bit more purple in the 2004 election, but it went red for Bush. However, I would take it as a consolation prize to Washington state.

  5. Wyoming is a Western state. I think Nevada also has no state tax. Alaska has no state tax. I guess your going to trade in the crap shack for an igloo..hahahaha.
    I’m watching the Sound of Music. How gay is that?
    Adam is having a white Chrsitmas in Denver. Happy Holidays CQ!!!

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