Dear Senator Brownback R-KS

Dear Senator Brownback:

I read with interest your recent action to place a hold on the nomination of Janet Neff to the federal district court system because of your bigoted views about same-sex marriage.  You are entitled to your view Senator, but perhaps you should seriously consider the gravity of your actions.  It is, after all, your party that has been getting upset about so-called activist judges that are apparently only activist if they are doing things *YOU* dislike.  Then your party also gets upset about President Bush’s nominees being held up in debate (filibuster) on the floor of the Senate.  The argument?  Every judge deserves an up or down vote.   Apparently they only deserve that courtesy if they fit your theocratic view precisely.  Am I close sir?

You’re from Kansas, so I’m sure you’ll appreciate what I’m about to say.  I wish you no harm, but it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if a tornado picked you up while you’re home in Kansas and hurled you to Oz so you can ask the wizard for both a heart AND a brain.


CQ – A friend of Dorothy


3 Responses to “Dear Senator Brownback R-KS”

  1. Don Morse Says:

    Sorry about Brownback. He didn’t get my vote, but this is Kansas and a lot of people think just like he does.

  2. No need to apologize, I’ve been to Kansas and know that some there have a sense of decency. *grins* Of course it is understood that not everyone votes for the Senator in question. Unfortunately it seems the majority that voted in Kansas decided a Fred Phelps wannabe was a good choice to go to the Senate. The good news is this guy makes George Bush look like a liberal, so I doubt he has any chance of winning the ’08 Republican nomination for President.

  3. CQ-you made a comment that made me think of Veronica Mars (a tv show I love…check it out you may like it)…anyway the cop on that show always says “go see the wizard and ask for some guts” haha. you’re great cq 🙂 completely unrelated but it made me smile.

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