Transportation Thursday

It seems to be the day to note oddities and craziness in transportation systems

All this planes, trains, and automobiles talk has me wondering when I should call all my relevant airlines for the South Africa trip to request my seat reservations.  I’ll just die if they put me in a middle seat to or from SA.

Another annoying thing about airlines… they need to adjust how many seats they oversell in this new age of limited connecting flights.  They’ve eliminated about one-third of flights to connecting cities to more efficiently use their aircraft and create less waste in their revenue stream but seemingly can’t stop overselling by significant amounts.  Of course this could just be relevant to the conservative hell market.  

On my way out of conservative hell on December 1 my flight was 1. oversold, 2. overweight due to weather conditions, and 3. staffed by surly gate agents, pilots, and flight attendants.  Note to Delta Air Lines and its associates: we pay to fly on your planes so get your staff that interacts with the public to shape up.  The offer for me to give up my seat was a cash voucher of $200 for this segment.

Then I flew to Cincinnati on December 10th to board my flight back to conservative hell and my flight was AGAIN oversold… significantly.  Anytime an airline is offering a $400 cash voucher on a 1-hour domestic flight they have a serious overbooking issue.  I would have taken you up on your offer if I had not already inconvenienced many friends to drop me off, pick me up, etc.  I also had to be at work the next morning at 8:30.

In hindsight I probably should have voluntarily bumped myself from both flights, I would have ended up with about $600 Delta bucks to use on flights in the future which is a damn good dent in trans-oceanic airfare.  That is assuming they don’t get bought out or go under in the meantime.


One Response to “Transportation Thursday”

  1. I don’t know about KL or CO, but NW doesn’t start assigning seats until 90 days before the flights. I don’t actually have a clue how you can do the KL flights, but with NW and CO, I would call the airlines directly, with the maximum amount of information possible–like the DL confirmation number, the NW confirmation number and the CO confirmation number. DL should be able to provide you the NW and CO numbers upon request. Naturally, DL might be able to assign the seats as well (again, NW doesn’t open seat maps until 90 days before).

    If I had to guess, depending upon the qualifications of the NW agent you get, they should be able to assign a seat on KL.

    I may be doing the AF route.

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