Fun, fun, fun… in the sun, sun, sun…

I’m back from California and we had a bit of tragedy and some fun while I was out there.  The week was ho-hum for the most part until I got to this past weekend where I first met with about 30 family members I had not seen in years and then had a follow-on visit with my newly acquired friends in the bay area.

First I stopped at the life celebration for my uncle that passed away earlier in the week.  The family decided not to have a funeral and instead held a party in his honor.  I thought this was an interesting new way to take care of the situation and it was rather like a wake.  The family gets together, then remembers the good times instead of paying some funeral home extravagant amounts of money for a shiny wood box.  Overall I found this as a decent alternative.  Funerals have become big business and I think people are growing weary of the huge expense.

My great-aunt was there and she has really gone downhill since I saw her about 3 years ago.  Her reactions were typical of a person that is going through dementia with my saying hello and her recognizing me and then when we were done talking she asked her son, “who was that?”  I wasn’t the only person she did this with.  Honestly, her quality of life is poor and I hope she joins my uncle soon so she doesn’t have to deal with this anymore.

After this, I went to visit my friends in the Bay Area.  These are two gentlemen that engage in similar intamacy activities as myself.  Let’s just say they have a box of “detergent” on their bathroom counter that reads, “Erotic is using a feather, kinky is using the whole chicken…”  I got to satisfy certain intimate cravings by using a piece of equipment that costs about $1700, and I think when the opportunity presents itself I’m going to have to acquire a similar.   Please feel free to guess what this item is as it might be fun to lead you on the hunt for the truth. *grins* 

Please note: no poultry was harmed in the creation of this post.


11 Responses to “Fun, fun, fun… in the sun, sun, sun…”

  1. hm, a nice plasma/hd/fancy tv?

  2. Umm… re-read the post. I said no POULTRY was harmed… I said nothing about cows. 😉

  3. $1700 for a piece of equipment?

    Must be some playroom. I haven’t got a clue what on earth it could be, beyond a sling.

  4. leather couch? omg i have no idea!

  5. It wasn’t a sling, but TQE is on the right track. Though the item in question had a few buckles, snaps, and zippers.

  6. Could it be leather restraints? Full body from head to toe? Oh My! It’s ben so long since I’ve had sex, I can’t remember who gets tied up! “blushes”

  7. omg my poor innocent mind….lol

    whips, buckles, and handcuffs oh my!

  8. hmmmmm… i need to do more research on CQ.

  9. Gee Ed, you win again. What’s wrong with the rest of you… or is it just that Ed is more learned about things than he makes us think?

    Yes a full body leather sleepsack with matching hood that also snaps onto the sleepsack for pure encasement. Leather straps and restraints, also attached to said sleepsack to increase the bondage experience.

    TQE – you simply need to ask… no research required.

    Now you can all go get your eye bleach and a scrub brush. :b Especially you TQE. I wonder what Nome would say if she was still around… where the heck is she these days?

  10. One wonders in such occasions, just who wears these restraints? In other words are you the giver or the receiver? My I’m feeling Verklempt! The very idea gives me the vapors! Like Bill Clinton I have never had relations with that kind of person. (yet!)

  11. Let’s just say I get so tired of making decisions it is nice to let somebody else do it for a while.

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