This weekend I shall be a very busy boy indeed!  It will start tonight by sanding the drywall joints in the bathroom.  If I’m up to it I’ll also put on the skim-coat of drywall mud on all the seams.  After that another sanding and hopefully I’ll be ready to paint!  We’ll see.  It takes 24 hours for the mud to dry, so it’s a slower process than I’d like but I have two-days off next week for the holiday, so who knows?

Tomorrow I’ll be raking my heart out and I’ll certainly get a good workout!  We had a huge storm blow through on my birthday and it knocked about 95% of the leaves off the trees.  I’m happy because this means I may be done raking this year by December 1.  Last year I was raking until mid-late January in the midst of dealing with my medical problem that came up then. 

Sunday I hope I get some time to rest or go have some fun of some sort.  We’ll see.  I’m not wanting to spend money right now as I’m off to the west coast in a couple of weeks.

Have a good weekend!


5 Responses to “Weekend-o-work!”

  1. The leaves up here have been gone for a while now. I hope your remodeling goes smoothly. Your such a handy man. Congratulations on recently having a birthday. Time seems to go by faster the older a person gets. To me it seems like Christmas was just a couple of weeks ago and yet here it is again! I hope you find time for fun!

  2. disenchanted Says:

    My poor house. The Coach was going to fix some things in the bathroom this weekend, but the wreck put a damper on it. I guess I’ll have to wait for Xmas to have a tub that works. Thank gawd we have the shower downstairs.

  3. I raked my leaves onto my graden spot. The rest of them I chopped up with the power mower. It is raining again today:-( CQ, I hope you are meeting a group of people for Turkey Day. Don’t become a lonely old troll like me.

  4. Disenchanted… he could always, er… guide you through how to do it. Think of it this way, you’d learn something and when it worked you could be rather proud of yourself. 🙂

    Then again it could turn into War of the Roses, so maybe not!

  5. Disenchanted Says:

    Hey now, I’ve put in a faucet by myself and I know how to fix drywall. I even helped redo the hardwood floors. He would get all pissy if I actually fixed something instead of waiting for him to do it. 😉

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