Will it be possible to get there?

Nice WaterfallThis is someplace I want to go.  Gorgeous, isn’t it?  You get a gold star if you can guess where this is.  I’ll ask the two folks who may be with me to refrain from guessing since you know where it is. (click the photo for larger view)

At this point I’m not sure if I can get there.  The issue is transit time.  It takes a very long time to travel to this location and I can trim the required time tremendously if I am able to take the most direct flight(s) to the region.  Unfortunately that will make my entry city different than where one of my friends wants to end up.  I can get to the city he wants to go, but I will have to take a much more circuitous route to get there – a route that will add a tremendous amount of travel time for the trip.  That would mean much less time to be an ugly American and less time to see things I think we’d all like to see. 

We have a couple of months to figure it out and I’m going to do my level best to work with the travel companions to make it work!


17 Responses to “Will it be possible to get there?”

  1. niagara falls? that’s my best guess. if so I’ve been there several times 🙂

  2. Good guess, but you’re in the wrong country. If I had chosen another photo it would be more obvious. I chose this one to make it purposely vague.

  3. I didn’t think I was right…but i’m ignorant to most waterfalls and their locations haha. looks pretty 🙂

  4. It looks like a rain forest area. I’ll guess,somewhere in South America. Although, the way you talk about it, I’m inclined to believe it is on the other side of the world. My next best guess is Thailand.

  5. Good guesses all. I give you blue stars for your efforts. Still, you’re not close. I’ll give ya a hint: the country directly to the south has penguins.

  6. Antartica has penguins. I’ll say New Zealand. Where men are men and the sheep are nervous.

  7. After racking my brain and pondering the Rainforest Idea, I have decided to go with…Australia!!! I hope all your plans work out. The Rainman said that Qantas has never had a plane to crash.I know you’ll be safe. Irony isn’t that cruel! Later, Ed.

  8. Wow, you still don’t got it. *grins*

  9. Come on my man, one more hint. Please?

  10. Country to the south has penguins?

    I don’ think so, unless they are in a zoo.

  11. I’ll guess Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. It is just north of South Africa which does have a small species of Penguin. I want that Gold star so very bad!

  12. Ding! We have a winner. Ed gets the gold star!

    TQE – there are Penguins in South Africa. I think they can be seen in Capetown. Victoria falls is on the Zambezi river which marks the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

  13. Yes, I read about the African penguins. there were 1.5 million of them in 1900 but only 200 thousand now. They’re declining at the rate of 2 per cent a year due to habitat loss and predators. I suspect many a penguin ends up on the dinner table.

  14. I have to say, that two hours ago was the first moment that I ever knew that there were penguins in South Africa.

    I came back to correct my error, but I see y’all already corrected it.

  15. woo fun! i would have never guessed. have fun 🙂

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  17. […] In other random thoughts, I’ve been doing a fair amount of reading about South Africa in the past week (I picked up the Footprint guide to South Africa), and I was stunned to realize that South Africa only implemented apartheid in 1948. I’d assumed it was a set of policies implemented during Dutch and British rule of the land—although I presume that the racist attitudes were something that originated with foreign domination of the natives, not in 1948. I also learned, quite recently, that there are penguins swimming around the shores of South Africa. […]

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