Just in time for Halloween

I just read one of the most scary things that I have seen in quite some time.  According to an article on Scotsman.com, The evangelicals in the US view the Iraq war as the start of Armageddon, and say that we should support the current US President so as to avoid being left behind when the ascension to heaven occurs.

Scary enough, but then I saw this gem at the end of the article:

…Another follower, teacher Patrick Hewitt, said the pastor (John Hagee) will shortly post instructions, on his website on how parishioners should cast their ballots for the mid-term elections. “I’m going to vote the way he tells me,” he said.

Note: John Hegee is the pastor and will soon overtake Pat Robertson as the most powerful evangelist in the US.

I hope the next time we have a Democratic President that churches such as this lose their tax-exempt status.  This posting of instructions on how to vote is in my view a direct violation of the separation of church and state, which is where religious organizations derive their tax-exempt status.  *ugh*

I’m really not sure what to be more scared about, that they are talking like they are or that their followers can’t form their own opinions about anything.  All I know is that I find this troubling.


3 Responses to “Just in time for Halloween”

  1. I think I’ve seen this John Hagee fellow. Does he look like a cross between Danny DeVito and Jabba the Hut? Before the last election my parents church posted a list of candidates to vote for, they were all Republicans. My mother put a John Kerry bumper sticker next to it. This year they haven’t posted any candidates yet.

  2. If that happened, then your parents church needs to lose it’s tax exempt status.

  3. le sad 😦

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