Marketing run amok

WTF?I was in an electronics store in Atlanta this past weekend and tripped across this handy little device. Apparently it is a docking port for an iPod that you replace the toilet paper holder in your bathroom with. (sorry for the photo quality) This is about the most useless contraption I think I’ve ever seen in my life. Honestly, who the hell needs an iPod docking station that doubles as a toilet paper dispenser?

I really like the marketing copy on the box that says, “Enhance your experience.” The only experience that I think it could possibly enhance is the one that I might have after docking the ‘ole iPod in the dispenser while listening to a Devinyls song and pleasuring myself. Perhaps if I’m having a particularly bad bout of hemorrhoids I could plug the iPod in and listen to Johnny Cash’s “Ring of fire” and have a slightly less irritaitng experience?


3 Responses to “Marketing run amok”

  1. lolol! how fantastic…oh yes, people come up with more useless crap every day. i don’t know if i should be amused or horrified!!!

  2. What a unique device, how did we ever live without it? I would have it play the song that goes…”I like big Butts”. So funny! It will go with my bathroom rug that has a built in putting green so I can play golf while I take a load off.
    Blah, it is raining and cold here in Indiana. Thanks for making me laugh. Hugs and More!

  3. Disenchanted Says:

    It would be good for listening to music in the shower?

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