How Pathetic…

TodayI’m simply going to refer you to a post on my buddy Elmada’s blog regarding two commercials he found on-line for a Repugnantone congressional candidate.  When he posted these commercials, he had no idea that this is the Republican running in my congressional district.

Enjoy the commercials (click through to the link above to see them) and hopefully I’ll have something more substantial to say in the next day or two. I’m incredibly busy at my office presently.


6 Responses to “How Pathetic…”

  1. Alas, I have only Dial-up and most of the time when I click on a video nothing happens. Other times I get only sound. Still other times it does begin to download but after an hour of waiting I get bored and move on. I have OCD and ADD so it is hard to concentrate very long. Please don’t work any harder than you have too. Stress is the reason for most illnesses. Did you get your medicine? I worry, I’m a worrier, sue me! Hugs and more!

  2. Ack! Dial-up. If I were already paying for a landline I’d probably switch to dial-up, but alas it would cost me only $10 less to get the phone line and the $10 for the internet access. At that point I may as well keep what I have (cable modem).

  3. I had only a cell phone and no land line, then someone gave me their old Computer so I had to get a land line. It was very frustrating to get rid of Cingular. I had signed a two year contract and it had been four years so I thought it would be easy. Since I can’t afford both I wrote to Cingular and informed them I would be canceling the cell phone account. They wrote back that I could not cancel without paying a 100 dollar disconnection fee. I didn’t pay it so the next month they added a 10 % late fee to that and said they would hurt my credit rating if I didn’t pay up. So I got the money and paid the S.O.B.s I have a bit of an anger prob so I threw the phone against the wall and it kinda broke. I hope I never have to have a Cell Phone again I know it won’t be with Cingular and I’ll get it in writing that the contract is over after the stated time and no atomatic reissue on their part. Sorry for the rant I feel better, thanks CQ.

  4. A disconnect fee? Surely someone was pulling your leg. Once you live up to your end of the 2 YEAR contract you can leave at will with no fees. I let ’em scream and never pay. It won’t hurt your credit rating (much) if you are still paying your other bills as agreed.

    I’m guessing you got the standard letter that is written when someone breaks their contract early because the idiot working your account at Cingular didn’t bother to see that you had fulfilled your contract two years prior.

  5. PS, I fully intend to MAKE them unlock my phone when my contract is up, which they are LEGALLY obligated to do.

  6. I called Cingular and explained everything to a nice Indian lady and she sweetly informed my that she was so very sorry but the disconnect fee had to be paid even though the contract was up. She also said that my unpaid balance would be sent to a collections agency if they didn’t recieve payment in full plus the penalty in 5 business days. I was steaming as I “softly” put the phone down. That was when I threw the Cell phone against the wall and found out it was made of many small parts. Live and learn I say. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. I hope you have it in writing but they said my contract was automatically renewable by them if they never heard from me. I told them I wrote to cancel and they said that was after they had already renewed it for another two years.

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