Home Remodeling Progress

It was a busy weekend at Chez Crap Shack.  I had a friend in and I finally managed to get the drywall up on the ceiling in the bath.  This is a critical project in that I couldn’t do it by myself and the finish work in the bathroom had to wait until it was done.  Now I can mud and tape the walls, sand out the seams and finally paint that sucker! 

My friend has said he will return and help me get the drywall skin up on the ceiling in the back bedroom at which point I’ll be able to finish that room as well.  So once that is done I can finally paint the walls and ceilings in about two-thirds of the house and be finished with it other than sanding and re-finishing the floors.  Finally I feel like I’m getting somewhere!  Let’s hope I can get all this done by Thanksgiving!


5 Responses to “Home Remodeling Progress”

  1. I have put up Drywall before not an easy task. Glad you found a guy to help. What color are you thinking for the bath? Are you having a lot of guests for Thanksgivng? A picture of your progress on the crap shack would be nice. Be sure to take time to relax and enjoy the fall weather. Hugs and Stuff!

  2. I should take a few photos and share. Amazingly, the photos would look as if there has been little or no progress. The reason is that the stuff I am doing now is very time consuming but doesn’t really change the appearance of the room that much. The big wow will come when the paint is applied and all the seams are “ironed” out.

  3. Disenchanted Says:

    Woot! Drywalling rocks.
    {Not really}

  4. Sounds like progress, even if it didn’t look like progress!

    Make sure you treat your friend really nicely… any friend who will help with that kind of work is a friend you take out to the Chateau Schloss Restaurant…

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