Only surprising because of the source

This news about Republican chances at retaining a majority in the US House of Representatives and the relationship that task has with current Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert isn’t so surprising… what is surprising is how doom and gloom it is for Republicans considering the source.

I never thought I’d see the day that major bad news for Republicans was posted prominently on that site.


One Response to “Only surprising because of the source”

  1. The Republicans believe they can hold on to control of both houses if and only if they light a fire under their Constituents their biggest fear is that voters will stay home in droves. Between now and November they will use their usual tactics of fear. Fear of God and fear of terrorists. The Democrats need to counter with proof that they will keep the country just as safe as the Republicans. They also need to prove that God is not a Republican. Exposing Bush’s hidden War budget might help as well. Why isn’t he raising taxes to pay for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan? Because he’s adding the amount to the national debt which is being bought up by the Chinese. Soon they will own our Ass and we will be like a duckling on the freeway. Thanks George!

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