Northern California a no-fly zone?

I’m slightly annoyed at this one.  Apparently King George the First decided to visit Stockton, California recently which caused a large portion of Northern California to suddenly become an FAA flight restricted area – or in more common usage a no-fly zone.   This would include the approaches to all the major airports in the San Francisco area, etc.

Why is it when some highly placed wart on the ass of society decides to go do a fund raiser that life becomes inconvenient to the citizenry in the immediate area?  He’s no better than we are, and quite frankly my attitude is that if someone can track him down using his travel schedule and buzz his event  then they are welcome to get at him.  I’m not going to do anything like that myself and couldn’t considering I don’t know how to fly a plane, but if King George suddenly finds his cranium impaled by the fuselage of a Cessna 150 I’m not going to be all that sad.  Well I would be because it would mean we are suddenly faced with having to deal with President Cheney.  *ugh*


One Response to “Northern California a no-fly zone?”

  1. I read this on another Blog:

    Three boys were fishing when they heard a splash and a man yelling for help. When they ran over there they saw it was President Bush. They pulled him out of the water. He was very grateful. He said, “For saving my life I’ll give you anything you want”. The first boy said, “I’ve always wanted to go to Disneyworld”. Bush said, “you got it”. The second boy said, “I want a giant screen T.V. for my room”. Pres. said, “It’s yours”. The third boy said, “I want a Motorized Wheelchair with built in speakers”. President Bush said, “you don’t look handicapped to me”. The third boy answered,” When my Dad finds out I saved your sorry Ass I will be!”

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