Not much new…

I’ve been spending the better part of the last week preparing a ton of stuff at my office becuase we have our annual meeting coming up in a couple weeks.  I’m also busily putting together all the information I am responsible for regarding our new client.  So lots of late nights and such.

This weekend I’ve been working on chez crap shack trying to make it a tad less crappy.  This week – repair cracks in the living room walls and get it ready to paint.  I need at least ONE room in this house to be put together!

Bad new today is that my mortgage just went up $20 per month.  An adjustment for the insurance and tax escrow.  I should fight the city, they have my house appraised for $10,000 more than I could get for it.  That’s fundamentally unfair since most assesments for similar homes in this town are about $20,000 less than their market value.  *ugh*


4 Responses to “Not much new…”

  1. I just heard on the news that Mortgage rates are going down and it is a good time to refinance. My old shack only has Property tax to worry about but it goes up every year. They put a high excise tax on every car de[ending on its age promising to do away with property tax but it never happened. Now it is based on the resale value and is very high. My old crap shack is only four rooms and over a hundred years old. It is worthless, only the property it sits on has any value. It’s a good thing I’m a gay bottom because I sure am getting screwed by the State, the County and the Federal Government.
    It is not fair that your place is assessed for more than it is worth. What can you do? Like me I think you’ll just have to bend over. Hugs and Stuff.

  2. Is it worth fighting city hall? Do people have a good track record fighting city hall? You should look into it, although you also need to ask, is $20 a month worth a fight? $240 a year is not a whole lot…

  3. My brother just got really frustrated because he just got his taxes for his vacation home…10k…and that’s for a place that he doesn’t live in and it went up by like 2k or something from last year even though the “city” has promised that they will drop taxes some since they are sitting on so much money that they can’t even spend. *le sigh* need me to come and yell at your bank? i’m good at yelling and getting my way 🙂

  4. TQE – It is worth fighting “city hall” as about 75% of the time when you do the assessment is adjusted downward. I have a good argument as they have me assessed for about $10,000 more than I could market and sell the place for currently, I even have a professional appraisal that comes in $10,000 less than what they assess at. That is fundamentally unfair, being taxed on a value that is more than the market actually says it is worth.

    In perfect condition my house would only fetch about $10,000 more than the current assessment, and you saw the condition of it when you were here, far from perfect. And with the city having a track record of keeping assessed values about 10-15% lower than market values, I have an excellent arguement. Further ammo is I have neighbors assessed much lower than me that have larger houses.

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